Larcomar is a Mall of international category, located just 9 minutes from Rosevelt Hotel & Suites, builded on a cliff facing the pacific sea, which allows a unique view of the ocean and the beaches of Miraflores.

Larcomar occupies an area close to 45,000 square meters, has four levels, which include 12 movie theaters, museum, theater, restaurants, nightclubs, a food court and fun for all ages.

Restaurants in Larcomar

Juan Valdez, Gelarti, Vivaldino, Tanta, Pinkberry, Arabica, Coffee Coffee, Chili’s, Friday, Havana, La Bonbonniere, La Vaca Loca, Makoto Sushi Bar, Mangos, Pak Fok, Pardo’s Chicken, Starbucks, Tony Roma’s. Also food court with Bembos, Burger King, China Wok, KFC, Pizza Hut, The Sanguchería Wrestling and La Preferida. Sweets in Chocolate and more, Cookie Factory, Knelhot, La Casa del Habano, Dunkin Donuts and La Ibérica.

Entertainment in Larcomar

La Plaza Theater, Coney Park, Moy Park, Larcomar Bowling and UVK Multicines. Operates a room dedicated to independent cinema in Larcomar that belongs to the UVK multiplex chain.

Services in Larcomar

MoneyGram, Turibus, Wong, City Sightseeing, Direct Taxi, I Peru, Montalvo Salon and Spa, Opi, PeruRail, Air Sports Club and Travel Mar.

Larcomar Fashion Stores

Aero 87, Salida, Kuna by Alpaca, La Casa de la Llama, Big Head, Sol Alpaca, Joaquim Miro, Quiksilver, Converse, GAP, Brook Brothers and Renzo Costa. Also Michelle Belau, Fashion & Cia, Guess, Touché, Mentha & Chocolate, Amada, Esprit, Banana Republic and Joaquim Miro. As well as Timberland, Guess, Cat, Banana Republic, Gap, Brook Brothers, Renzo Costa, Converse, Quiksilver and Kuna. Baby Club, Colloky and Cheek. Air Sport Club, Rkf, Tatoo Adventure Gear, The North Face, Adidas, Puma, Nike and Lippi.

Jewelry stores, Watchmaking, electronics and gifts

Carati, Ilaria, Basque Jewelry, Crislu and Swatch. Also Ecua Andino, Baby Infant, Ibero Bookstores, Dédalo, Radio Shack, Phantom Music Store. Renzo Costa, sunglasses and watches, do it, Gmo, Sun Planet, Soho Peru, Radio Shack, Phantom Music Store, Ecua Andino, Digital Photo, Inka Surf and K’atas. Art and Cinnamon, Bloom Design Store, Marissa Castro and Qala.

Health, Beauty and Optical Stores

L’Occitane, Montalvo Beauty Salon and Spa, Opi and Opi Salon. As well as Chronos, Do It, Gmo, Sun Planet, Prune, Chilli Beans, Panama Hats.

Shoe Stores, Wallets and Suitcases

Crepier, Renzo Costa, Prüne, Nine West and Kipling. Florsheim, Hush Puppies, Steve Madden and Bruno Ferrini. Milano Bags, Páez, Via Uno, Bamers, Steve Madden, Bruno Ferrini, Prüne and Ugg.

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