Most Popular Drinks from Peru

Pisco Sour: It is the emblem of the Peruvian drinks, the most famous cocktail made with pisco, lemon and syrup of gum. It has its origins in the early twentieth century. In the center of the capital began to offer … Read More

San Isidro is the financial center of Lima, the main economic areas that present a high activity are commerce and services.

Roosevelt Hotel & Suites, San Isidro, Municipality.

What to do in Lima

Peru’s capital may not have world-class architecture, but its old moniker “Lima the ugly” doesn’t hold true these days. Right away, a visitor notices its tidy streets, handsomely landscaped parks and sweeping ocean views. And then there are the less … Read More

El Olivar, San Isidro

El Olivar Park

One of the most attractive and extensive parks in San Isidro is El Olivar Forest, which is not only a living memory of Lima’s history, but a great lung for the municipality. It consists of more than 1600 olive trees … Read More