El Olivar, San Isidro

One of the most attractive and extensive parks in San Isidro is El Olivar Forest, which is not only a living memory of Lima’s history, but a great lung for the municipality.

It consists of more than 1600 olive trees and 200 trees of different types inside the Forest, its charm is not only limited to the landscape formed by its noble trees; Also, in its leafy canyons they inhabit a great variety of species of birds emphasizing the Turtupilín, the Button of Gold, the Violinista and the Hawk Acanelado next to other beautiful birds completing a total of approximately 25 species.

This beautiful place constitutes the most representative sector of San Isidro and symbolizes the viceroyalty and republican tradition of the district. In it is the House of Culture, the Cultural Center “El Olivar”, which houses in its facilities the Municipal Library, Children’s Library, Chamber Theater, Multipurpose Room and Art Gallery; And finally the Casa Museo Marina Núñez del Prado.

Within the El Olivar Forest stands the beauty of the remodeled Artificial Lagoon, a significant place within the history of the district, as well as the renewed pergola aimed at meeting and family enjoyment.

This forest is a few minutes walk from the Roosevelt Hotel & Suites, live with us the nature of San Isidro.

Source: Municipality of San Isidro.

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