• Pisco Sour: It is the emblem of the Peruvian drinks, the most famous cocktail made with pisco, lemon and syrup of gum. It has its origins in the early twentieth century. In the center of the capital began to offer the Pisco Sour, with a clear influence of the English Whiskey Sour. The cocktail does not have the same preparation in all the bars or restaurants, so to try it in several places can be a wonderfully new experience in every corner of Peru.
  • Chilcano: The Chilcano is one of the most important and popular drinks in Peru, after Pisco Sour. It is one of the most refreshing and ordered in the bars of Lima. It is believed that it was invented by Italian immigrants who took it to recover a bad night. It is made based on Pisco and Ginger Ale; Lemon juice and ice, but like pisco sour, its preparation will depend on the bar or restaurant where it is made.
  • Capitan: The Capitan (captain in english) is a Peruvian adaptation of the American Manhattan. It has a wide tradition in the culture of this country, it is a fine and special cocktail, its history begins in the 1920s in the vicinity of the Sierra de Puno, where some army captains, once they have completed their night rounds , They ordered a mixture of pisco with vermouth. It can be served with a cherry to accompany.
  • Machu Picchu: A drink inspired by one of the new wonders of the world: The beautiful Inca city of Machu Picchu. With a delicate preparation this cocktail that has a base of the best Peruvian pisco, has dazzled the thousands of people who have tasted it. It is made with orange juice, grenadine and mint cream, a sweet combination, ideal for summer nights in Lima.
  • Algarrobina: It is one of those special drinks to spend the days of cold, it is a sweet punch based on pisco, eggs, cream of milk and cocoa, as well as rubber syrup and algarrobina. It is a drink of home origin that is prepared in a blender. Very homely and delicious, perfect for spending a quiet winter afternoon with family or friends.

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